Since 1986, LABORATORIES CIAM are specialized in injection, moulding and assembling of plastic parts for medical use. We are your partner to make the best choice of the raw materials, depending on your application and needs. The main strength of LABORATORIES CIAM is to be able to carry out parts to measure, according to you specific needs.


Our product range includes Bulk Components and BNS. 

Laboratories CIAM with their flexible structures and their knowledge are able to make specifics products in function of your need.

- Product catalog -

Components /

– MLL movable, MLL and FLL connectors for tubing outside diameters 1mm to 5,5mm,
– FLL/FLL, MLL/MLL, FLL/MLL with no return valve; MLL/MLL  rotating connectors,
– High pressure connectors available for a pressure of 1200PSI,
– Asymmetric Y connectors in all configurations,
– Symmetric Y connectors for tubing diameters 3,2 and 4mm,
– parts for Guide wire sets ,
– parts for Catheters sets ,
– parts for enteral nutrition,
– Safety Caps.

BNS products /

– the widest choice of Stopcocks, low pressure,
– the widest choice of Manifolds made of TPX, lipido-resistant, low pressure,
– extension Lines PE, PVC and Co-extruded tubing for low or medium pressure,
– high pressure Lines PUR or PVC 1200PSI, 
– Heimlich valves,
– Manifolds,
– CVP Manometers,
– Hubert Needles Lines.
– THORACIAM: Pleural Drain,
– COMBICIAM: Catheter for protected distal bronchial sampling.


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